2019 Fireplace Trends

Nothing says cozy like snuggling up in a blanket next to a toasty fire on a cold winter day. If you’re looking to bring the hearth into your home, or simply revamp your fireplace with some tile, these new trends are the perfect inspiration.

Trend #1: New Finishes
Creativity and revolutionary new products combine to highlight one of the year’s hottest trends: fireplace finishes. Montigo Cool Wall technology creates a new world of fireplace design possibilities, allowing for finishes like wallpaper and wood or quartz and porcelain, as well as placement of art and media.

Trend #2: Stone Majesty
Nothing creates a more striking, impactful focal point than a dramatic wall composed of one material, such as marble, quartz or porcelain slabs. Inspired by more traditional design principles, natural stone is being incorporated into fireplace design in large-scale fashion.

Trend #3: Corner Space
Popular in luxury homes during the 70’s and 80’s, corner fireplaces started to make a comeback last year and will continue to do so in 2019. Thanks to new frameless designs, corner fireplaces are now available in two-sided and three-sided perspectives and are being used in contemporary homes to define open concept living areas and to create eye-catching drama.

Trend #4: Linear Gets Longer
Another trend continuing from last year is the modern linear fireplace. This year, the dramatic design is expected to get even longer to help home owners create beautiful fireplace feature walls limited only by the imagination. Choose slabs, tile, textiles or art to contrast the ribbon of fire.

Trend #5: Rock and Wood
For those who appreciate the traditional look of a wood burning fire – but not the messy cleanup – a gas-burning fireplace with realistic fiber logs is the perfect compromise. Using modern technology, faux logs and even driftwood are created to look like the real thing, right down to blackened char marks, splits and knots. Add stone to driftwood to bring the ambiance of a seaside fireplace into your living, bedroom or backyard.

Trend #6: Anywhere and Everywhere
During the Victorian era, a fireplace in every room was a necessity, as it was the only source of heat. Today, this trend is driven not by need but by a desire to surround oneself in the elemental luxury created by firelight and natural textiles. In addition to bedrooms and the kitchen, outdoor fireplaces are getting modern design updates. Consider incorporating a see-though fireplace as a divide between indoor and outdoor spaces.

No matter your design preference, from traditional dramatic to modern minimal, the design experts at Kauhale can help you create a fireplace that beautifully highlights your individual style.

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