Mid Continent Cabinetry

Mid Continent Cabinetry constructs beautiful cabinetry for the home. They are part of the Norcraft Companies brand, one of the oldest, most stable companies in our business. Their cabinets and vanities are built using time proven techniques to ensure consistent quality. We specialize in cabinet styling that is aligned with modern and updated home fashion. Through their Customization Program and Vanity Program, they can work with you and your designer to create one-of-a-kind cabinets for your home. The combination of well designed products, built to exact standards, delivered complete, when you need them makes Mid Continent the best value in home cabinetry.

Where They Build
Mid Continent has three strategically located manufacturing plants, manned by a long tenured and stable work force. Their workforce builds a wide variety of door styles and case goods. Their team and company is also designed to be flexible, accommodating a constant flow of fresh new cabinet designs and the responsiveness that our customers want.

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