Appalachian Hardwood, lovingly handcrafted into the finest American-made hardwood floors - The Essence of HomerWood®. Recalling the age of quality and craftsmanship, they hand select each plank from sustainable, center-cut lumber to reveal the character and unsurpassed beauty created by nature. From these planks they handcraft and custom design exceptional hardwood floors for those who seek style, elegance, and individuality. That's why,quite simply, there is no finer choice for your home than a HomerWood Premium hardwood floor.

Their classic to contemporary designs offer truly spectacular floors in a range of beautiful species, colors, styles, textures and surface treatments to suit any personality or lifestyle. Made in America, from American hands and hearts to your home, each plank is a reflection of who we are and the quality of work we do.

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Somerset Hardwood Flooring

Somerset is one of North America’s Largest Suppliers of Kiln-Dried Appalachian Hardwoods. The quality Appalachian lumber from which they manufacture Somerset flooring is supplied by their Somerset Wood Products division. The majority of the Appalachian timber processed at Somerset Wood Products comes from nearly 120 sawmill suppliers within a 150-mile radius of their plants. Their “waste-not" philosophy and commitment to our natural resources starts there, where even the bark of the tree is used for mulch—in fact the entire tree is put to use throughout their manufacturing processes.

They equip their plants with the most advanced machinery, much of which is built by our their own machinists. This ensures that stringent quality control standards are met throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

At Somerset, all lumber is graded before and after kiln-drying by graders that are NHLA Certified. They strive to consistently achieve lumber that is on-grade. Kiln-dried lumber is processed by their flooring division or packed or bundled in units and prepared for domestic and export shipment.

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