Additional cabinet options

Cabinets may be designed for storage, but not everything you want to store needs to be hidden. Cabinets are used to display items as well, and can give you a line of sight to be able to find what you need quickly and easily. When this kind of visibility is necessary, Glass and Grille Cabinet Fronts are available. There are many uses for glass and grille fronts, their applications as diverse as your design and creativity can make them.

Glass and Grille Options are available for many of our cabinet styles, and come in a variety of options. Grilles can include horizontal separators, both vertical and horizontal separators, and full glass fronts. These options can be added to both the square front and arch front cabinets, and we can also accommodate taller cabinets and vanities.

Clear Glass

DS Ground Glass

English Reeded Glass

Seedy Glass

Use Mid Continent’s Glass and Grille Fronts in a variety of ways:

  • Display fine dinnerware in the Kitchen
  • See where towels and linens are stored in the Bathroom
  • Showcase electronics and provide remotes to receiver access in your Entertainment Center
  • Display trophies and paraphernalia in your Man Cave
  • Utilize background patterns and textures to add style to an area
  • Display collections of wine and accessories in Wine Cabinets
  • Anything else your mind can think of!

The possibilities are limitless. Glass and Grille options are available on most of our door styles, and are not limited by wood species or finish, glaze, and paint options. Start your cabinet solution, feel free to Contact Us and we will answer your questions as soon as we can.

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