Graber Wood Blinds and Shutters are made with 100% North American hardwood

Sustainably Made with You in Mind
A Graber custom window treatment is a choice you can feel good about. We are keenly aware that natural resources are finite, and we never take them for granted. From the Graber offices and manufacturing floors to your front door, we reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever and wherever possible. We do our part to ensure resources will be plentiful and pure for generations to come.

Environmentally Conscious Forestry Practices
Graber uses only 100% North American hardwood for its Graber Traditions® Wood Blinds and Shutters, because it is lightweight, consistent in color, and durable. To ensure the hardwood supply is long-lasting, foresters working with Graber practice sustained-yield forest management, meaning nearly twice as much hardwood grows as is harvested each year. Thanks to responsible practices like this, the volume of hardwood trees in North American forests is 90% larger today than it was 50 years ago.

Sustainable Manufacturing Methods from Start to Finish
Graber uses sustainable practices to manufacture products responsibly, contributing to a greener future for all.

  • Recycle – All metals, plastics, fabrics, paper, and waste wood are recycled, diverting these materials from landfills
  • Conserve – A closed-loop water cooling system is used for plastics manufacturing to decrease water waste
  • Packaging – All products are delivered with minimal packaging that uses at least 44% of post-consumer recycled material
  • Source – Renewable hardwoods are sourced and processed for Graber Traditions Shutters and Blinds domestically, minimizing transportation and saving energy

Improved Energy Efficiency Means Savings for Your Home
Graber window treatments reduce your energy costs by blocking heat from the sun and preventing energy loss through your windows. Cellular shades, in particular, are made in a honeycomb-shaped design that’s engineered to trap air before it leaves through your windows.

Certified Commitment to Clean Air
Breathe easier in your home with select Graber blinds and shades, such as LightWeaves® Roller and Solar Shades, that use GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified materials, with low chemical and particle emissions to preserve clean air.

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