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Cleaning | Kitchen Cabinet Accessories
Cabinets have more potential than ever before. With our line of Cleaning Storage cabinet accessories, you can transform your cabinets into so much more than simple storage space. Having custom cabinets doesn’t have to stop at the style and color. You can accessorize your cabinets and make your space unique to your tastes and needs. Make your cabinet space organized and personalized, and release the full potential of your cabinet space.

Waste Management System – Includes three color coded 25-quart plastic bins and one canvas bag for recycling made easy.

Tilt Out Trays – Keep often used cooking tools and cleaning supplies right where you need them.

Sink Base Liner – Rubber liner controls and contains small plumbing leaks and cleaning supply spills to avoid cabinet damage.

Sink Storage Pull Out – This pull out makes good use of the awkward space under the sink, storing cleaning tools and supplies until needed.

Sink Storage Door Rack – Stores cleaning tools and oversized supplies on cabinet door.

Sink Dish Towel Door Rack – Keep your dish and hand towels on the cabinet door for easy storage and drying.

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